Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Badlands National Park & National Park Foundation Video Challenge

This summer we visited Badlands National Park in South Dakota. When we came home we discovered that the National Parks Foundation was doing a video competition.

You can support our 2-minute entry by watching the video and then voting for it.

When you click the "vote" bar it will take you to the National Park Foundation website. They will ask you to "sign-in" so that there is only one vote a day from an e-mail address. They assure us that they will not sell e-mail addresses and you can opt out of being on their e-mail list. FaceBook members can use their FaceBook accounts.

When you go to the "Log-in" page the link to the "Sign-up" page is in the upper right hand corner where it says "Register." (I didn't design their website.)

Thank you for your Vote.
We could win a trip to a National Park of our choice.

Use this link if you can not see the video here.


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