Thursday, September 14, 2017

Cassini's Legacy

NASA image taken by Cassini Spacecraft from Saturn looking back at Earth

A bright round planet distantly twinkling in a vast dark sky. 

The image of Earth as photographed by Cassini looking through Saturn's rings gives me shivers. It is the same feeling that I experience during total solar eclipses. The Earth is a small place in the vast cosmos; a special garden and watery wonder.

Space is a cold and hostile place, yet here on our rock veiled in water and atmosphere life thrives in great diversity.

The spacecraft Cassini and its international support team have given humankind an invaluable gift: vision. Vision of a global community of scientists working together. Insight into Saturn's moons with their hints of possible life. But also, they have given us a vivid visual reminder of Earth's fragility. While we search for other life forms in the cosmos, may we work harder to preserve the unique place we call home.

Farewell Cassini and thank you for the images: 

More about this NASA Cassini image:

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