Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Painted Lady Mass Migration in So. California

They are back! Thousands of painted lady butterflies migrating overhead. Right now 72 butterflies a minute are passing over our house and down into the San Fernando Valley. Isn't that amazing! In an hour that will be more than 4,200 butterflies!

The winter rains have created the perfect conditions for masses of these medium-sized butterflies to take to the air. 

Where are they coming from? Probably somewhere near the California-Mexico border or down in Mexico.

Where are they going? They are headed in a northwest direction. When this happened in 2012, scientists were trying to follow the painted ladies to see where they went. Michael tells me that they are going to Oregon. What a long way for these butterflies to travel.

Go outside look up or 10-20 feet off the ground. It is a fantastic natural phenomenon, a mass migration of butterflies. Go take a look, who knows when or if it will happen again. 

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