Monday, February 06, 2012

A Real Valentine's Day Love Letter

Think about the most romantic love letter you've ever read. Is it filled with images that depict the lover as "lovely as a bloom," more temperate than "a summer's day" or as constant as the sun? Does the soldier promise his love that he will return, even if that return is manifested as "a soft breeze upon your cheek"?

When we long to connect to pure beauty or timeless truth, humans are drawn not to ourselves but to nature, the best aspect of our being.

The tree budding on a gray day. A goldfinch splashing in a fountain. The bluest sky that reminds you of a loved one's eyes. This Valentine's Day avoid the glittery wrappings that scar the earth. Give a gift from your heart, from your history or from your pen - Send a Love Letter.

Need a little inspiration? Join for:
Reaching Across the Distance 
a Live Internet Broadcast 
Sunday, Feb. 12 at 3 PM Pacific Standard Time

There will be original music, real love letters and inspiration.

Gifts of the heart and for the planet:
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