Monday, December 14, 2009

Give from Your Heart

Green Holiday Action #14

The Greenest gift is one that is directly from your heart to someone else.

When you write a poem or a story, compose music or a song, or create artwork for someone, you are giving a gift of the mind and soul.

My mother carved this stone bear for us as a gift.

Frequently, I stop short of doing this because I am afraid of rejection. But whenever I have been courageous and given a gift of the mind, it has always been deeply appreciated.

Here is a poem for all of you busily juggling everyday life this Holiday Season.

The Cure
There's a cure
For breathless days
For scattered minds
Schedules that never end

A balm for lives spread thin
Minds turned in
Feet that no longer hug the ground

Pick something
From bush or tree
From earth or stream
Clutch firmly in your hand

Smell the miracle of growing things
Sink your teeth into terrestrial texture
Savor the taste of timelessness

Pick something
from its earthly womb
and eat it

- Keri Dearborn 2009

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