Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa's Bags

Green Holiday Action #10

How many tons of gift wrapping materials will be discarded on December 25th?

You can help reduce the amount of disposable paper, plastic and bows by
investing in reusable wrapping.

Fabric gift bags are a staple at many church and organization Holiday Bazaars. They are also easy to make. (They can even make a great gift.) These simple fabric bags with drawstring or ribbon closures are pretty, practical and reusable.

Over the years I have purchased a variety of sizes and fabric styles. They are the perfect way to wrap small items for stockings. But I also have larger sizes that hold a shirt box or even a 10-ream paper box. I've had a number of these Santa Bags for over 10 years.

Not everything under the tree is wrapped in a bag, but each Santa Bag represents saved trees and reduced trash.

What are you doing to make this a Green Holiday Season?
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