Friday, February 05, 2010

Live Holiday Trees Catching On

When you make sustainable choices, your actions speak directly to others.

A young friend sent me a photo of himself with his live Christmas tree. It’s a tradition in their family for him to have is own small tree that he decorates himself. This year Milo chose to have a live tree that he could enjoy during the holidays and then tend during the year. Hopefully, Milo’s little tree will grow with him for years to come.

Speaking the merits of live trees is one thing, but experiencing our live holiday tree in our livingroom year after year has touched a number of people. The growing pine in the house connects people to the value of this iconic holiday image as a living thing. Our tree is not just a decoration, it is a statement of a sustainable world of interconnected living things.

Next winter is only ten months away. Now is the best time to keep an eye out for a future holiday tree. You might even find one on sale.

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