Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Arctic Ice Cap Melting

photo from Polar Bears International, polarbearsinternational.org
Why is global climate change a controversial issue? Why are Americans unwilling to accept their share of the responsibility for increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and admit that burning carbon based-fuels contributes to the problem?

Are we petulant children who refuse to be held accountable for our actions? Is it easier to believe the voices of power/money that depend on our addiction to fossil fuels? The corporations that sell these resources pay huge sums to create siren songs telling us that we aren't responsible, that oil creates jobs, that other energy sources aren't worth investing in. 

This summer southern California was fairly mild and beautiful. It would be easy to believe that climate change was a fairy tale. But global climate change is global, it is a big picture change.

NASA is a science-based branch of the American government/military. Just watch the video of satellite images of the Arctic sea ice from March to September 2011. The images are fact. The northern sea ice is melting at a greater rate than before and a major change has come with the disappearance of old ice.


What can you do to change your carbon use? It has taken us 7 years to completely change over our vehicles, but now both of our cars are hybrids. For more ideas on how to reduce your impact on climate change visit Polar Bears International.

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Anonymous said...

People are lazy; to change their ways such that they lessen their impact on the environment would take work and altering habits. As long as they aren't directly and significantly affected by climate change, *they* won't change. No one cares about the future -- they hope that the serious problems won't occur until they're dead. If they do and they aren't, they'll blame the government. An old pattern.

NASA is not part of the military. Were they, they would not have had the budget issues they've had since the end of Project Apollo.