Monday, January 30, 2012

Go Outside Today

I write about the natural world because it is the source of my sanity. We all have our frustrations, whether with work, family or just our interactions with other humans. Take 10 minutes outside today - walk, weed or just sit and watch. Let yourself be part of something bigger than your immediate life.

Lost and Found

among chirps and flashes of white tail feathers
among flashing black eyes and yellow beaks silhouetted in the sun

between faint gurgle of fountain and flutter of delicate bathers
between chatter of kinglets and purr of goldfinches

beneath red-tailed hawk and circling turkey vultures headed north
beneath dark raven duo frolicking on a playground of blue

beside a whirl of magenta-dipped male house finches and
beside the quiet reserve of a wren slipping in to pluck a worm

among quiet life, calmly focused on this moment of this day
I find patience and peace
and lose anger and frustration

Keri Dearborn, January 30, 2012

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