Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sleeping Snow Leopard

Conservation organizations that successfully save wildlife also engage with the problems faced by the people that are neighbors with endangered plants and animals.

camel yarn and yak wool that support snow leopard survival
One of the organizations that I have tried to emulate with my work with Friends of the Island Fox is the Snow Leopard Trust. SLT creates programs that support mountain herders so that they are less likely to regard the endangered snow leopard as an obstacle. We saw some of the villages where they are making an impact when we were in Mongolia. I love the camel yarn and yak wool produced by the women of Snow Leopard Enterprises, a program of SLT.

One of SLT's successful research efforts includes camera traps that take photos of wild animals as they near the camera. With this technology they have documented mother snow leopards interacting with their cubs, identified individual animals and their territory, and now they have documented a snow leopard preparing to bed down for the night. You can watch the images of a wild snow leopard curling up on a rocky trail to sleep for the night Snow Leopard Video.

Snuggling into a warm bed; every night, all over the world, creatures large and small find a safe place to sleep. The more we know about the Earth's creatures, the more we can see how similar we all are and how we all share basic common needs.

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