Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain on the Move in California

The rain continues to fall in Southern California. Fortunately, it is mostly a gentle rain. But the hillsides and landscapes are saturated. Temporary streams wind their ways down streets and canyons.

The one aspect of the rain that truly becomes apparent is how water moves things. Water flows off yards carrying with it anything sprayed or spread on the plants and earth.

Man-made debris collects in street gutters. Despite grates that block large items from the street-side drainage, bits of plastic and other debris make their way down the Los Angeles River and toward the Pacific Ocean.

Walking just a few blocks we picked up beverage containers, food wrappers, sharp pieces of plastic and plastic bags. All were being carried by the water.

Those bits of trash on the sidewalk and the street, they are all finding their way into the ecosystem and sometimes the bodies of other animals. We can all make a big difference by picking up these items, not letting them fall on the ground in the first place, and limiting our consumption of products that add to the growing pile of unrecycleable waste.

Just Say "No" to the Shiny

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