Monday, January 18, 2010

True Californians Surviving the Rain

Finally, Southern California is getting the rain it needs. While people are running around placing sand bags and fearing a deluge, the native plants and animals seem to be taking it all in stride.

The house finches and lesser goldfinches were busy at the feeder in the rain. While the white-crowned sparrows were rubbing their feathers on the damp foliage to bathe. When the rain was at its hardest, the finches and an Allen's hummingbird took shelter under the patio. But it was only for a short time.

One neighbor couldn't come out of the rain.

No matter how hard the drops fell, the green lynx spider was in the middle of it. In the past two days she has moved her egg sac closer to some leaves for greater protection. Still, she and the hazelnut-sized bundle are quite exposed to the downpour. This afternoon, the egg sac seemed to be quite wet. Are the eggs inside soaked or dry? I don't know. It will be interesting to see how she and her offspring fare over the next few days.

Just under two and a quarter inches of rain fell today. This evening the sky is clear and the stars are icy white. Tonight feels like winter. We'll see if the predictions of more rain come to pass.

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