Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Everyday Sustainability - Green Action #3

How can I change my everyday behavior to live a more sustainable life?

In January I focused on eating sustainably - Green Action #1. Sometimes I slip up on my Veggie Tuesdays and Thursdays, but on the whole I have found that I have reduced my consumption of meat products. We've moved toward simpler ingredients and locally grown produce.

In February, my Green Action #2 was to increase my understanding of our local biodiversity. I participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count and documented bird species through Project FeederWatch and E-Bird. Yesterday, hummingbird A laid her first egg of the season and it was recorded via NestWatch. (the first baby hum of 2010)

Over the last two days I’ve been researching socially responsible and environmentally responsible investment mutual funds. It has made me realize that there is a great deal of confusion about products and producers and what is actually environmentally sustainable.

So for March, my Green Action #3 is to look at what I buy and use as a consumer. How can I make better choices regarding what I purchase?

If you have found a product or a company that helps you to live greener and cleaner, drop me a line at 4animalbytes@gmail.com. Changing our resource-hungry ways can be difficult. We all need to share our successes.

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