Thursday, April 15, 2010

You Can Compost

I admit that I am challenged by composting.

Part of my problem is that most of my yard is shady and most of my plant waste is green, not dry. Keeping the composter cooking is tricky.

But as part of my effort to Garden with Intent, I am trying to increase my composting efforts.

If you really gather up all of the veggie food remains, flowers from the house, yard trimmings, and unbleached paper, there really is a lot that can be kept out of landfills and other trash systems.

I use my compost mulch around my yard and I never have enough.

You don't need a special composter to make a difference. Even just an area in the yard where you can pile plant waste can be an effective composting system. Turning the decaying greenery helps increase air flow and helps encourage efficient composting. My hanging composter is on a pivot so that it can be tumbled or turned.

Composting completes the circle of life in your yard and creates a more sustainable system. Nutrients are returned to the soil and your plants grow better. Composting is a Green Action for your garden that is easy and important.

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