Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Gray skies are still promising rain. They haven’t delivered more than an 1/8th of an inch in the last three days, but still the native plants are thriving.

This Earth Day, the Douglas iris, columbine and coral bells along the front walkway are lush green with beautiful flowers.

All of these native species are drought tolerant and loving the cool spring weather we’ve been having.

Except for watering the newly planted columbine, we have been able to keep our sprinklers off completely. Native plants not only attract more
animal biodiversity, they also are cost effective because they use less water.

Whether through natural seed dispersal (wild cucumber) or planned removal of non-native species (
African daisies), we are actively transforming at least half of our yardscape to native species. The intention is to create habitat for native California species and move toward sustainable water use.

This Earth Day take a look at your living space. Is your garden providing homes and food for wildlife or food for you? Our human footprint on the Earth is immense. If we can make the areas that we live in more connected to local ecosystems, we can give back to our wild neighbors. I’ve been trying to focus on Gardening with Intent this month and it has given me new resolve–more areas will be
replanted with natives, food crops can be grown in pots and the invasive Mexican ash saplings must be removed.

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