Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Tree? Go Live

Holiday Green Action #11

Go Live. Bring a living tree home for the holidays. A live tree in a pot speaks your green intentions louder than your voice ever could.

A living tree brings the forest into your home without reducing wild lands. It becomes part of the family participating in the holidays year-after-year. No tree is killed. No waste is added to the landfill. No plastic is created. And that living tree is a carbon sink, securing carbon in its trunk and branches as it grows.

This will be our 4th year with our living tree. It has now more than paid for itself.

Yes, I do have to water it. With our drought conditions this summer, most of the water for the tree came from kitchen gray water. I also feed the tree twice a year.

Our tree has grown about 10" since it's first year with us. See the Tree. I'm hoping to bring the tree in this weekend, but right now it is enjoying the rain.

When we bring it into the house, we will slide the pot onto a large piece of heavy plastic sheeting. We gather the sheeting up around the sides of the pot and then tape in tight around the pot's top edge. This way we can continue to water the tree while it is indoors and exposed to warmer, drier conditions caused by indoor heating. This also protects the carpeting.

More and more nurseries are offering a variety of living trees. Take a look at them; they are an investment in your greener future. Look for one a little bit smaller than you might usually buy because you want to be able to use it for a number of years.

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Douglas said...

Year's ago, my sister had a great idea for her first Christmas in California. She was living in Victorville at the time and used an indigenous plant that was in plentiful supply,.

I loved it when I walked into her apartment and was greeted with -- a Christmas Sagebrush -- decked out with tinsel, a small string of lights and a few bulbs.

A perfect desert Christmas setting.