Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Say "NO" to the Shiny

Holiday Green Action #9

When it comes to being attracted to the shiny and glittery, humans are no different than birds. But we aren't just attracted to them, we create them and some of the flashy holiday decorations and wrapping choices are bad news for the environment.

Metallic plastic sheeting or polyester film, familiar to most of us by the trademarked name Mylar, was originally developed for use in space. Thin, durable, lightweight and cheap to mass produce, polyester film can be seen during the holidays as wrapping paper, balloons, bows, garlands, even confetti.

Unfortunately, these bits of sparkle do not biodegrade. If you throw it away, it isn't gone. What may be an inexpensive purchase today, may be a costly clean-up for the future. Avoid the shiny this season and if you receive it, reuse it.

These plastic films last a lifetime. The bow in the picture came into our family several years ago. It will be used again this year, then go back in the box to reappear next year.

When you decorate for the holidays, you have a choice to be Green. Lead by example, here's an idea from a previous post Green Holiday Decorations.

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