Wednesday, December 02, 2009

E Holiday Letters

Green Holiday Action #2

I gave up holiday cards for letters years ago. What's the point of being in contact with someone only to offer an impersonal greeting written by someone else and only a signature to prove you are still living?

Electronic holiday letters save trees and postage. I can create a full color letter with numerous photos and then export it in a pdf format. Simply attach that pdf file to an e-mail and my holiday letters are sent.

Yes, there are still a few people that require printing the letter and applying postage, but I've dropped my mailing from 70 to 10.

The fun part is that the pdf format allows for hyperlinks, so my family only has to click on a hyperlink to go right to my blog or other websites mentioned in the letter. They can see photos of the places and events I'm writing about and even video.

So use the Internet to make your Holiday Greetings a little bit Greener.

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