Monday, May 03, 2010

May is For the Birds

It is a beautiful spring day. The breeze softly moves through the vegetation nodding the hummingbird sage. The thermometer is tickling summer temperatures, but the air still has a gentle breath of moisture.

As you’ve seen in my posts on Bewick’s wrens and Allen’s
hummingbirds, I am committed to providing habitat for local bird species. This month I’ve decided to focus on my daily activities that have a direct effect on the wildlife I encounter every day - birds.

You may not think of a crow as a wild animal, but it is. For most of us living in cities or suburbs, birds and insects are the wild creatures we have the greatest opportunity to interact with every day.

This morning I saw three lesser goldfinch chicks, just out of the nest. Notice their beating wings.

They were noisily begging for food from their parents.

You don't have to watch TV to witness wild animals being born or interacting with their young.

My intention this month is to identify ways I can support bird conservation at home and afar.
  • specific actions I can take to improve my backyard habitat for birds
  • examining commercial products I use and their impacts on bird life
  • participating in local events for bird awareness and conservation
May is also the month of International Migratory Bird Day. As the world focuses its attention on birds, maybe you should too.

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